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Safaris in Malaria-Free Areas

While Malaria is a mosquito borne illness, only a small percentage of all mosquitos actually carry the potential to do any harm at all. The disease can only be spread by the female Anopheles mosquito, and only from a previously infected person, so it occurs predominantly in densely populated areas with poor sanitation (worldwide). A [...]

April 10, 2014
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Tourist Visa Information for US Passport Holders Traveling to Africa

We often find ourselves offering advice with regards to tourist visas, as they are a requirement for many African countries including Egypt, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. In some cases you can get a visa on arrival at the airport, in others you will need to plan ahead and get one from the embassy in [...]

March 20, 2014
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Our Guide to Johannesburg’s (OR Tambo) International Airport

Have you looked at your flights and discovered you’ve got 2 to 3 (or even more) hours to kill in the International Departures Terminal of the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg? All of us here at African Portfolio would be thrilled with such a long layover! In fact, we count on those airport hours [...]

February 12, 2014
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Olduvai and the Mysterious Shifting Sands

Located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Olduvai Gorge is uniquely positioned on the road from the Ngorongoro Crater to the Serengeti. We are often asked whether a visit is “worth it” – especially when it comes to deciding whether to travel overland or fly between the two. We think the answer relates directly how [...]

January 13, 2014
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Pesky Tsetse Flies

On a recent safari in Tanzania, Yvette made the unfortunate discovery that lathering your body in DEET doesn’t deter the tsetse fly from biting. Tsetse flies are quite common in certain areas of Tarangire and the Serengeti national parks. The tsetse fly inhabit rural areas only, living in the woodland and thickets of the savannah [...]

December 17, 2013
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The Benefits of a Safari in a Private Game Reserve

When we book safaris in southern Africa, we often take advantage of the smaller, exclusive camps and lodges located on private reserves and concessions. There are private wildlife reserves throughout southern Africa, many of the best ones are adjacent to established national parks. Private reserves have made it possible to vastly extend protected wildlife areas. [...]

November 20, 2013
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Our October Photo Contest Winners!

Our two photo contest winners for October are Maureen Walker and Lisa Funk. Congratulations to both ladies for their stunning photos, we hope they enjoy their $500 Amex gift cards. All our winning submissions will appear in a 2014 calendar. We just have one more drawing to go, so don’t miss out on your last [...]

November 12, 2013
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Safari Etiquette – How to Behave on Safari

A safari is an exciting, educational, adventurous, and unique vacation choice that requires a fair amount of pre-planning. Once you have your itinerary, visas, vaccinations and malaria pills all sorted out, there’s one more thing that is worth reading up on — How to Behave on Safari! You may be surprised to learn that besides [...]

November 8, 2013
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A Perfect Introduction to the Cape Winelands

At African Portfolio we strive to personalize every itinerary and use our insider knowledge of Africa to plan unique safaris for all our clients. Cape Town is one of the many destinations that we are intimately familiar with and love to visit. We stop by at least once a year and always discover something new [...]

October 23, 2013
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A Guide to Yellow Fever Vaccines

We are often asked about yellow fever vaccination requirements, and we hope this blog post will help you make an informed decision about whether it is necessary or not to get the vaccine before you enjoy a safari. We’re not medical experts, so please consult your travel clinic for the last word, especially if you [...]

October 4, 2013
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Our Photo Contest Winners — July/August

We have two very deserving winners to show off this month. Congratulations to Carol Parr and John Michael for their stunning photos, we hope they enjoy their $500 Amex gift cards. We are even more excited about our calendar now! Smiling Hippos – By Carol Parr Carol was on a 10 day chimpanzee and gorilla [...]

September 19, 2013
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How We Beat the Crowds in Kenya’s Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is a truly spectacular safari destination especially during the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra, when millions of animals follow the unbroken cycle of survival as they move between Tanzania and Kenya in search of fresh grasses. The sight of more than a million of these creatures moving as a great mass [...]

September 3, 2013
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